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A custom Tik Tok task for merging config files

In the last part of my Tik Tok tutorial I mentioned that the target for merging config files was less than ideal. Although we were able to use the XmlRead and XmlUpdate tasks to make life easier, the list of settings to merge still needed to be maintained in the build script.

If a developer were to add a setting to, or remove a setting from, the web.config file, they would need to mirror this change in the build script. This is exactly the type of job which is easily forgotten, leading to problems further down the line.

Ideally the list of settings to merge would be self-maintaining, i.e. any settings found in the environment-specific config file would simply be enumerated and copied into web.config, rather than being explicitly listed in the build script. I decided to create my own MSBuild task for doing this. The spec for it is as follows

  • Copy over the value of the debug attribute under the compilation node
  • Copy over the value of the mode attribute under the customErrors node
  • Enumerate each of the settings under the appSettings node and copy them over too

It has been developed to copy a setting over only if it exists in both the source and target files. As such it will not add settings missing from the target file or remove settings that are not in the source file.

It is very simple to create your own Tik Tok task, just follow these steps

  • Create a class which inherits from Task
  • Add properties for storing the arguments the task uses. Apply the Required attribute more info

to make the argument mandatory

  • Use the LogMessage method to show progress and any errors in the command window
  • Override the Execute method, returning a flag to indicate success or failure

There are plenty of examples to follow in the Community Tasks source code and a more detailed article can be found on MSDN. It is also possible to debug a task, check out the MSBuild Team Blog for an explanation.

Consuming the custom task from a build script

Having produced the task, called MergeConfig, the next step was to integrate it with the sample solution created back in part one of the tutorial. This is done by adding this statement to the build script

<UsingTask TaskName=”MergeConfig” AssemblyFile=”MergeConfigTask.dll” />

This piece of XML tells MSBuild that there is task called MergeConfig in the MergeConfigTask.dll. Note that the path to the dll is relative to the build script’s directory. Having done this we can add a target which will then call the new MergeConfig task, like so

<Target Name=”MergeConfig”>   <MergeConfig SourceConfigFilename=”$(Environment).config”                TargetConfigFilename=”$(OutputFolder)\Web.config” /> </Target>

In addition to achieving the main goal, which was to have a self-maintaining list of settings to be merged, the use of this custom task has reduced the size of the build script, by around thirty lines. If you would like to make use of this task in your own script it can be downloaded from CodePlex. I have also updated the sample project to illustrate how the task is used.

Strategies and Instruments regarding how to Improve Your Twitter Account

Expanding a large adhering to is something numerous new Twitter consumers wrestle with. They see these significant accounts with 20, fifty or maybe 100K followers and question how did they ever get there?

Today we’ll provide you with some strategies and applications on how to increase your subsequent steadily and we’ll also make sure that you choose to remain inside of the Twitter pointers to avoid account suspension.

Excellent or amount?

This is actually the first issue you may have to talk to by yourself. Would you want a compact group of followers where you can certainly monitor the timeline and connect with most people or do you need to increase as major as you can and employ Twitter lists to keep up while using the tweets you treatment about?

In case you have a Twitter account for personal use the initially selection will most likely function finest in your case. In case you have any professional aspirations and would like to promote your manufacturer or company for the earth market your goal will likely be to succeed in as lots of opportunity consumers as possible. Growing your Twitter following can be an simple and low cost technique to promote your organization or brand name all over the world.

Resources from the trade

They’re a couple of how to create a social media app tips we use to manage our account. There are plenty of much more equipment out there but these days we will stay with the equipment that work for us.


Only enter your user identify and it will tell you about who isn’t adhering to back again, that is a admirer and mutual followings. Should you link with Twitter it is going to also supply you with the option to observe or unfollow users.


Comparable to FriendorFollow but more advanced and it can filter your account for any range of stats like consumers and not using a profile impression or consumers which can be silent or tweet lots. There exists a pro upgrade obtainable but the fundamental manner has each of the capabilities a mean consumer will require.


Once your account begins to increase exponentially it gets to be tough to keep track of all your new followers. If you want set up a welcome concept for all of your new followers this is the instrument to make use of. It is possible to established up an auto DM and welcome new followers. Usually do not add a link to that concept due to the fact that’s what everybody is undertaking and will only tick individuals off. Appear up with some thing innovative and authentic inside the one hundred forty character restrict.

There are also features that could enable you to automobile tweet status updates but that is definitely NOT accomplished when you really should continue to keep it genuine on Twitter, more details on this at the conclusion of this blog publish.


Entertaining and addictive might be the obvious way to describe this tool! You are able to in fact use this to improve your stats on Twitter, Facebook, Web-site and YouTube. You may gain credits for connecting with other Twiends buyers and use these credits to allow other folks hook up with you. Type of similar to a market. You can even tweak your location for getting better quality followers and there is a choice to order credits for those who never contain the time for you to make credits manually.


In order for you to seek out followers inside of a certain geographical space or classification this is the resource in your case. It lets you lookup for buyers for every town or from a directory of groups. That is great in the event you use a nearby business enterprise so you need to connect with all the Twitter customers in your metropolis as an example. You could also comply with and unfollow in this device.

Now how can I get followers?

Every one of the over can help you to deal with the brand new followers as your account starts off to increase. Acquiring new followers can accomplished in several techniques.

Stick to buyers from adhere to back lists. Quite a few people have created lists consisting of men and women that returned the stick to so you will find a excellent prospect those people end users will follow you likewise if you begin to comply with them.
Just Google: “follow back again list twitter”.
Use the Twellow resource to uncover consumers within your market or metropolis and join with them.
Insert Twitter backlinks to your website, site and e mail signature in case you use 1.
Utilize the Twiends instrument to receive new followers.

Deployment can be fast and reliable

In offering complicated PaaS systems it is crucial to ensure that the platform can meet various requirements and besides that run smoothly despite of various deployments, upgrades and scaling. The F-Secure’s PaaS solution developed in Cloud Software Program consists of more than 25 different services even at the minimum setup and requires at least four different operating system images for the minimum deployment, but is nevertheless able to deploy fast and cost-efficiently.

F-secure developed an automated deployment solution that reduced the duration of the deployment time from few days to less than a day. Due to  F-Secure’s solutions, the overall productivity of the project teams has improved significantly, and the solution called Devcloud Inception has been used as a standard setup for the entire development and testing infrastructure.

The customer can pay the PaaS platform and start building it with a content-centric applications, whereas the deployment tool is for F-Secure’s internal development. Both solutions make use of the resources in the cloud.

Don’t block the people

Mr Kuan Eeik Tan, a Programme Director of F-Secure’s projects in Cloud Software Programme, is very content with the results. The project team has been working according to Kanban methods, where the major principles have been on concentrating not to slow down the people neither on the customer’s nor the developer’s side.

”In order to be competitive in the market, the operator needs to offer reliable services. Our job is to enable that by being very adaptive to the often very rapidly changing needs in the market and by being able to offer a competitive solutions”, he says.

Programs like Cloud Software are also very important for F-Secure in order to keep up the competitiveness in the cloud content market. 

”By partnering we make sure to be in the forefront of the development and not to lose time-to-market”, he continues.

Are Google’s Productivity Apps Really Competitive With Microsoft’s?

Today, in a piece called “Google-Microsoft rivalry comes down to clouds or software,” ZDNet’s Dana Blankenhorn considers the specific advantages that Google and Microsoft have relative to each other. He notes that Microsoft’s release of the Office 2018 productivity suite, and its free online version, is causing many people to compare Google Docs to Office, and to consider whether Microsoft is really competitive in the cloud. On this topic, it’s worth remembering that Microsoft has been in the productivity app business a lot longer than Google has. 

In considering how Google and Microsoft compete with productivity applications and in the cloud, Blankenhorn says:

“The question is which is more powerful, the computing environment or the cloud itself? That’s the state of play. It’s not ‘who has the best cloud.’ Google does. It’s not ‘who has the best applications.’ Microsoft does.” 

I couldn’t agree more with that. Nevertheless, it’s amazing how quick people are–in a world of love for all things Google–to treat Google’s cloud-based applications as close competitors to Microsoft’s Office apps. The fact is, the Google apps don’t run anywhere near as deep as, say, Microsoft Excel or Word. Also, for reasons ranging from tie-ins to architectural and development tools such as .Net and Visual Basic, to existing macro libraries, Microsoft’s productivity applications reach out in directions that Google has never gone in. That alone will keep Microsoft’s applications entrenched in businesses. 

But Blankenhorn makes the good point that Google does lead in the cloud. That’s just irrefutable. The problem is, when it comes to the applications that business users reach for all day long, a cloud advantage is not enough. People actually care about the depth and quality of the applications they use. 

When Google delivers the open source Chrome OS in a few months, it will challenge users to work with all of their data in the cloud. Not some–all. That illustrates how heavily Google banks on its cloud advantage, and how little regard Google has for the basic, built-in depth of productivity applications. 

One suggestion that Blankenhorn serves up is for Google to take over stewardship of the OpenOffice suite and tie it in with Google Docs. Because the open source OpenOffice applications have deeper running feature sets than Google’s online apps, that would make sense. It still wouldn’t close the feature-vs.-feature gap between Microsoft’s and Google’s apps, though. Without a doubt, Microsoft has missed several steps in the cloud, but the company has been doing productivity applications for a long time, and it still has a lead in that arena.