"Do not miss!" BOUNTY KILLER. The official Opening Film of the Fantasia International Film Festival' 2013 Action Section.

Taken from Fantasia Film Festival:

It’s already been twenty years since multinational conglomerates have taken control of the planet, their insatiable thirst for profits and power having led to the outbreak of a new world war. Known as the “Corporate Wars”, this global conflict has permanently altered the face of the earth. It is amidst the rubble of this annihilating darkness that the Council of the Nine Roses was born. Its sole objective: locate and eliminate every white collar responsible, whether directly or not, for the world’s destruction. The era of the bounty killers has begun. From cold-blooded assassins to homicidal amateurs, each and all is joining the competition to accumulate the most bodies and collect the ensuing bounties… big bounties. Their shared goal is to eradicate the cancer known as “Corporation”, the root of this apocalypse. 

A hybrid of MAD MAX and DEATH PROOF, this post-apocalyptic action fest brings us back to the memorable movies of our youth. Like many great directors before him, Henry Saine chose to hand the leading role in a testosterone-filled action movie to a woman, Christian Pitre. Much like Sigourney Weaver, her screen-ripping charisma deftly mixes sexy with badass. She’s masterfully supported by Matthew Marsden and Barak Hardley, and together, they supply the important ingredients needed for a good action film: charm, violence and laughs. This humour, along with costumes, acting style and mise-en-scene, imbues BOUNTY KILLER with a comic-book vibe. Not looking to over-extend himself, Saine keeps his direction focused on entertaining us with his heartwarming, amusingly original characters. His obvious, palpable love for both his characters and genre cinema in general is very refreshing. BOUNTY KILLER should definitely be on your “do not miss” list at this year’s festival. To heighten your sense of anticipation, we invite you to seek out a copy of the film’s graphic-novel adaptation: 97 pages of pure delight that will help soothe your impatience until screening night!

— Éric S. Boisvert


Victor Garber Begins Production on Mirror, Mirror Adaptation 'The Hunters'

Taken from TV Broadway World:

In an adaptation of Joshua Williamson's comic book Mirror Mirror, this modern-day-fairy-tale-adventure, based on the magical mirror from "Snow White," follows the brothers Flynn as they embark on an international quest to find their parents and save the world from the clutches of evil. Hallmark Channel announces the start of production for THE HUNTERS, a Hallmark Channel Original Movie, shooting in Vancouver and Thailand, with a World Premiere slated for Friday, October 25 (8p.m. ET/PT, 7C). Six-time Emmy(R) Award nominee Victor Garber ("Argo," "Alias," "William and Catherine: A Royal Romance") stars along with Emmy(R) Award nominee Michelle Forbes ("In Treatment," "True Blood"), Alexa Vega ("Spy Kids," "Machete Kills"), Robbie Amell ("The Tomorrow People"), Keenan Tracey ("Bates Motel") and Dan Payne ("Alice, I Think," "Stargate Atlantis").

The film is also part of Hallmark Channel's exciting new Friday night appointment viewing franchise, "Walden Family Theater," created in collaboration with Walmart, Procter & Gamble, award-winning family entertainment producer Walden Media ("The Chronicles Of Narnia," "Bridge To Terabithia," "Holes") and fast-growing independent studio ARC Entertainment. "Walden Family Theater" is designed to further fill the void on TV for quality family entertainment.

Carter and Jordyn Flynn (Payne, Forbes) aren't the average mom and dad. For them, a typical workday can take place anywhere in the world, raiding ornate museums and evading pursuing authorities as Hunters, protectors of powerful fairy tale artifacts that are anything but make believe. While they take their jobs seriously, they're just as concerned about the welfare of their two sons, 21-year old Paxton (Amell) and 16-year old Tripp (Tracey), who are unaware of their parents' true line of work.

When Carter and Jordyn disappear after being intercepted by the mysterious Mai during one of their missions, the boys learn the truth about their parents and their lineage from the Flynns' young assistant Dylan (Vega). They turn to old family friend Mason (Garber) for help but they soon discover that the deceitful Mason is after what the Flynns were trying to protect - an enchanted mirror that has the ability to grant any wish. It's got quite a history, too: It's the same mirror that played a pivotal role in the destiny of Snow White. It becomes evident that it's up to the valiant brothers and Dylan to save the day before very real fairy tale magic falls into Mason's less-than-worthy hands.

"The Hunters" is produced by Eh-Okay Entertainment and is presented by Walden Media, ARC Entertainment and Kickstart Productions, in association with Walmart and Procter & Gamble. Jason Netter is the executive producer. The film is produced by Heather Puttock, written by Matthew Huffman and Jeffrey Schechter, based on Joshua Williamson's comic book Mirror Mirror published by Kickstart Comics and directed by Nisha Ganatra.

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Have you gotten your copy of Nightwatchmen yet?   It’s the second team-up between writers Adam Freeman & Marc Bernardin, and artist Javi Fernandez.  'Nightwatchmen' tells the story of an aging, corrupt police detective who finds hope in a homeless man who has begun acting out his own vigilante justice.


Check out this great interview with Marc and Adam from our friends at Comic Book Resources!


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Abominable Christmas


Don’t miss the premiere TONIGHT of our animated feature Abominable Christmas on Cartoon Network!  With the voices of Jane Lynch, Emilio Estevez, Matthew Lillard, Ariel Winter and Ray Liotta as the Abominable Snowman.