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SciFi Pulse Review: BOOK SMART

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October 2011

1. Kickstart’s Book Smart, which is described as “Bourne Identity meets Romancing The Stone. The book focuses on a young woman wakes up in a hospital in Nepal with amnesia. As she struggles to find answers on her identity, she finds criminals on her tail and that she has an uncanny skill set that suggest she may be an international spy.” It has been created by always-excellent writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, with pencils, inks and cover by Juan Santacruz.

Like all of Kickstart’s previous offerings, this book is full of fun, adventure and surprises. It’s a one-shot, so you can’t be sure just what’s going to happen next, and I enjoy that so much in an era of endless storylines. Be sure to pick up this great comic, and if you haven’t read other Kickstart releases, be sure to buy and read them as a present to yourself!