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Comix Portal: (P)Review: Kickstart’s ‘Dead Walker’

Pulled from:; November 2011

As one of my friends likes to put it, zombies are the new vampires. They’re being explored right now like never before.

If you want to enjoy a great new take on the genre, be sure to pick up Dead Walker from Kickstart Comics!

Here’s the book’s description: “Jonathan Walker brought himself back from the dead to avenge his wife’s murder but at what cost?  While taking his revenge he must also save the world from the evil he himself created.  And, seemingly cursed to live forever, he will struggle to find new meaning in eternal life. Pencils & inks & cover by: Shannon Denton (Deadpool, The Revenant) & Matt Jacobs (Grunts w Shannon Denton), written by Christian Forte.”

If you’ve read my columns before, you know that I’m a BIG fan of Kickstart because they’re doing something unusual in the industry these days — telling self-contained stories! After reading endless storylines in ongoing comics, it’s something special to have no idea just who will survive and who won’t.

Although Christian Forte had never written a comic before, you’d never know it from his excellent script. Instead of zombies being the occasional troublemaker, the main character of Dead Walker is himself a zombie, although he’s a kind of zombie you haven’t read about before! That alone separates it from other genre hits like The Walking Dead, Zombie Tales, Marvel Zombies, Victorian Undead and Quarantined.

The plot and the pacing are terrific, pulling the readers in and not letting us go until the final page is turned. Shocks and surprises abound, from the opening sequence until the end. But don’t miss the BIG twist about halfway into the comic. It made my jaw drop open! Talk about a 180-degree turn!

The characters are engaging and interesting. For example, Jonathan has a female co-worker who does her best to support him even though he’s asking quite a lot of her, more than she ever imagined she’d have to do! Their relationship is an important one in the book, just as critical as his interaction with the “villain” of the piece, I think.

Dead Walker also shines in its art department, which is truly superb. It fits the mood perfectly and takes us to places we haven’t seen before in terms of the art, and that’s just what the reader needs when going into a new place in terms of story. Denton and Jacobs did an excellent job! Just take a look at one of the pages above!

If you’re a zombie genre fan looking for something new and different, don’t miss this comic! It’ll turn everything you know about the undead on its head … and that head won’t even fall off! The book is coming to comics shops near me tomorrow, but apparently it may be already available in other regions!