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Kickstart Comics Kicks it into High Gear!

Posted on July 27th, 2011 - 09:45 AM by Kevin Pearl 

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As a publisher KICKSTART COMICS has quickly become a breakout success over the past year with great comics from superstar creators like Jimmy Palmiotti, Joshua Williamson, Justin Grey and many more.  Taking time from a busy schedule to talk about some of the awesome comics; Kickstart productions very own Samantha Olsson Shear has been nice enough to answer a few questions about the company as well as give advice about how to kickstart your own projects. Check out the interview below:

So Kickstart comics has been really making waves lately with some great digital comics. What are your thoughts on digital distribution so far?

Samantha Olsson Shear: We really like what we’ve seen from digital distribution. As an independent publisher, it allows us to find more readership for our titles in places where readers may not have access to the physical book. The more ways that we can reach new readers and expose them to both the comic medium and our books, the better.

What do you hope readers of digital comics will get out of downloading a book from the Kickstart comics collection?

Samantha Olsson Shear: We hope it will encourage them to pick up the others.  And really to just pick up comics in general.  While there is still something great about going and browsing through a comic shop, not everyone has the time or easy access to one.  Comics are a great medium and we are pleased its making strides in the digital space.

It looks like there are a bunch of great books in the works from Kickstart, Can fans expect more digital offerings from you soon?

Samantha Olsson Shear: Absolutely, we will continue to release all of our books digitally as well as in comic stores.

Let’s switch gears for a moment and talk about a few of the recent OGN’s kickstart put out. What can you tell us about them without giving anything away?

Samantha Olsson Shear: Book Smart is a fun, adventure.  It’s a fun twist reminiscent of some great, classic action flicks.  Juan Santacruz’s art gives us some great action with our heroine.  We think readers will really enjoy this. We’ve also been talking to a sexy starlet about the leading role which is still under wraps but has us really excited.

Any chance you could tease us with a bit of what’s to come both in print and digital?

Samantha Olsson Shear: We have DEAD WALKER coming out later in September in time for Hallloween.  It’s perhaps the closest title in our line to something in the horror landscape.  Shannon Denton and Matt Jacobs served up some sinister art.  Also up on the dock are KNOWBODYS from Aqua Teen Hunger Force creator Matt Maiellero and a really stunning period Samurai tale DIVINE WIND from Jeff Amano and Julian Totino Tedesco. It’s sort of a Japanese 300. The artwork (and storytelling) will blow you away.

Now another cool thing about Kickstart comics has been the success of the Blacksmith mini-adventure game available through itunes. How did that project come about?

Samantha Olsson Shear: We were approached by a game developer to make a game out of one of our titles.  Blacksmith was a no brainer there given that the main character belongs to a secret society of weapons makers.  He has to go on the run when he is framed for a murder he didn’t commit.  The game has been getting a lot of positive feedback and launched in the new and notable section a few months back.  It’s really fun.  Type in THE BLACKSMITH on itunes to get the app.

Are there any plans for more games based off of the stellar array of Kickstart comics?

Samantha Olsson Shear: We are definitely discussing which one to adapt next.  We have also done two motion comics on two of our first titles HERO COMPLEX and coming soon BAD GUYS. Hero Complex was viewed by over 1.8 million viewers in its first week.  So when you are talking digital, motion comics are a great medium as well.

So in conclusion, what advice do you have for folks looking to kickstart their own careers, whether in comics or otherwise?

Samantha Olsson Shear: In our short time as publishers, we have striven to make good stories for a wide audience.  Much of that is simply following the type of material we like. Our advice would be to create what you love and not what you think everyone else wants.