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Interview with HEADACHE Writer, Lisa Joy

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A couple of months ago a friend turned me on to a new comic called Headache. He knew how to sell me on it - he said it was by a Pushing Daisies writer and shared some ass-kicking DNA with Buffy. Indeed it does - here's how Kickstart's website sells it:
"Sarah is an 18-year-old girl who also happens to be the Greek Goddess, Athena. She must embrace her destiny and take on her own family, the gods, in order to stop them from destroying mankind."

It's a terrific read - if you like Joss Whedon this'll very much be your bag - and now I want more. More! You can buy it over here, or via the link above. But my friend wasn't done there - he got to chat with Headache's writer Lisa Joy recently and was kind enough to share said chat with us exclusively.

Like I said up top Joy was a writer on Pushing Daisies, and now she writes and produces Burn Notice. She's married to Jonathan "brother of Christopher" Nolan, who famously wrote the short story Memento was based on (not to mention something called The Dark Knight). Headache is Joy's first foray into comics but we doubt it'll be our last. At least I hope not - I want more Headaches!
What’s the one thing you’d tell someone who think comics aren’t cool?
Lisa Joy: BAM! POW! SHAZAM! How ya like 'em now f@ck$rs!
Growing up, Marvel or DC?
Joy: Neither. I'm a late bloomer. Didn't have my comic book awakening until my mid-20s.
Which superhero is the biggest douchebag?
Joy: The Comedian. No means no, douchebag.
In an all-companies crossover, can you assemble your ultimate five-hero team?
Joy: Catwoman, Buffy, Jean Grey, She-Hulk, and my gal Sarah Pallas (aka Athena). They'd kick ass and get along like a house on fire. And once a month there'd be peace on earth - bad guys would know better than to mess with super women with synced up cycles.
Who’s got the stupidest costume of any hero or villain?
Joy: For women, Wonder Woman. Anyone who's ever rocked a bustier knows they're asphyxiating torture devices. And nip slips would be a real problem when fighting crime.
For men, Ant-Man - He has a helmet that controls ants. 'Nuf said.
Have you ever had a story or character rejected by an editor? What/who was it?
Joy: Right now, I'm batting 1,000. But "Headache" was my virgin attempt. So there's plenty of time to fail.
Which are the best and worst comicbook movie adaptations?
Joy: For best - "Dark Knight" and not just because I'm hitched to the writer. For worst - whaddya take me for - someone who never wants to work in this town again?
What's the project you're most excited about right now?
Joy: My USA pilot "Mind Fields" and some very cool stuff in the works for "Headache".
What would be your dream project to work on?
Joy: Ant-Man. The musical.
What’s been your strangest Comic Con/convention experience?
Joy: Looking out over a sea of cylons, caped crusaders, and storm troopers and realizing - I'm home!

If you were going to do Cosplay, who would you dress up as?
Joy: Wonder Woman with an Ant-Man helmet.
What do you read for fun?
Joy: Lots of explosives and ballistics research for "Burn Notice" which probably has me on a government watch list.
Who is your favorite writer?
Joy: The one I married.
What do you do for fun?
Joy: Chew Nicorette and kick ass. But I'm almost out of Nicorette.