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Danger Academy Cartoon In Development For US Television

Danger Academy is a comic book by the familiar team of Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood for Kickstart. It’s been featured om Bleeding Cool a few times, just not on the right hand side of the site.

It’s here today because I understand that Kickstart are developing Danger Academy with a Hollywood writer/producer for American television. And that concepts are being created right now.

Danger Academy is a spy school, for the children of super spies of every nationality and loyalty. The good guys and the bad guys. Harry Potter meets James Bond, if you must. Here’s a preview of the comic.

Fresh from Kickstart, from the Bleeding Cool favourite team of Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood, comes Danger Academy. Harry Potter-meets-James Bond, that kind of thing, with a certain subtle family tree of international espionage.

The first book is out in December, but here’s a sizeable preview to whet your appetite.

Say, Brella couldn’t possibly be the dughter of one John Steed could she?