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Our friends at Kickstart have a new graphic novel in stores today, and this one is of special interest to me.  KNOWBODYS is written by none other than Aqua Teen Hunger Force creator Matt Maiellaro.  I got to interview him about the book late last year, which is easily one of the coolest things that’s happened to me in my Internet career.  Now, it’s finally out.  And here’s the thing – it’s not what you expect.

It’s not an Aqua Teen-style orgy of non-sequiturs and over-the-top violence.  There are no elaborately worded insults or pointless cruelty.  Instead, it’s a story about a family.  Granted, the family in question is a family of paranormal investigators who are the last line of defense against the destruction of all life on Earth, but a family nonetheless.  Tonally, it’s very much different from ATHF / AUPS1, but it’s funny and sometimes even touching.

Derk and Betty Knowbody are paranormal investigators, but not in the Mulder/Scully sense.  They work for an organization that regulates the spirit world – not just arresting fugitive poltergeists, but serving unruly werewolves with noise complaints and busting unlicensed street sorcerers.  (The mundane facets of the supernatural are probably the closest connection to Aqua Teen – Vampire Landlord Markula would have fit right in here.)  Their organization, The Practice, relocates the couple and their unwitting children toNew   Orleans and almost immediately sends the Knowbodys in pursuit of a madman named Sylbert Raven.