State of Mobile Development

Nowadays, business success depends on mobility and offering users the best digital experience. Social and media promotion around the state of mobility encourages the developers to think about what to expect from the development of the mobile industry in the near future. Further, mastering of new mobile technologies such as the concept of Internet of Things and developing solutions to the next-generation of wearable devices will be challenging.

The Progress company released the results of “State of Mobile Development” investigation in order to highlight some interesting tendencies in the world of application development. From 3,000 respondent’s, the developers compose the majority (49%), CEOs/owners (14%), architects (14%), IT CNN applications professionals (8%), CTOs (6%) and others.

One of the most remarkable and surprising results of their research show that 57% of developers have never created a mobile app. For comparison,  47% of developers, on average, produce just the one dynamic app every year.

The main reason for developers not investing time and money in creating a mobile application is a constantly changing technology; Also, there is an understandable disappointment as new-but-attractive technologies and projects are finding their niches such as the IoT, wearable devices, and connected cars.

“It is a well-known fact that software developer community needs to access an easy-to-use tools and processes in order to push forward their mobile applications in a more substantial way.” said Karen Tegan Padir, President, Application Development & Deployment Business Unit.

Another curious moment of Telerik’s research is that 44% of developers take into the consideration a user experience as the most critical factor when launching mobile applications.

It’s clear that developers feel the pressure more than ever to supply their applications to market – 19% blames a lack of time as one primary reason of instability in mobile development.

state mobile

The research also shows that developers prefer cross-platform development over web or native to ensure a balance is made between the capability to target various platforms and performance. 33% of developers name “hybrid” their leading form of development, followed by native at 25%, and web at 19%.

Android has won the race in the smartphone world, and due to new market projections, Google’s OS will reach 81.1% market share in 2019. The survey demonstrates that 76% of developers are building applications for Android, followed by 63% for iOS, and 40% for Windows Phone. Those who make progress in iOS, 83% also create apps for Android showing that developers are attracted by the big market share owned by Google’s platform. 36% of developers in the survey consider the cross-platform development as the most demanding part of the mobile development system.

In general, this latest report provided us with a good understanding of top reasons and potential benefits for building mobile apps, where the mobile industry is going to and how developers have to deliver their applications to the new market. This report also paid attention to that developers are waiting to make a profit from new technologies such as the IoT and wearables.